Space Time Tired of surfing the web in the same ol' fashion? Have a few extra megs or ram laying around you're not using? Why not check out Space Time. A 3D browser that's actually kinda cool.

Space Time 3D Search You can surf the web, eBay, Yahoo/Google/Flickr images in a 3D fashion with more to come with Space Time. I guess they are working on a version that also searches Myspace, Youtube, etc in 3d. Note that the Flickr search brings up the entire webpage not just the photo you search for while searching Space Time.

The eBay search is pretty cool as you can browse through auction listings while getting a glimpse of the auction photo. Most eBay photos aren't what they seem though. Most eBay photos are generic, ie. the same picture of ipod as every other seller has.

The regular web search is kinda cool too in that you can easily compare websites designs across multiple sites in a flipbook type fashion. It's super easy to browse but you have to double click on the images to view the actual site. That part seemed kinda awkward but I still think it's a cool idea. It's a break from the regular way we search and view the web.

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