World Choice Travel for everyone that knows them offers one of the best travel affiliate programs out there. I've been with them since 2004 and have really liked their set up (minus a few exceptions). They are releasing a new travel affiliate portal page that looks better. It's being release tomorrow and looks a bit better then their old one. I'm still not sure if it is going to better in terms of SEO but I'm going to try it out. Here is what they have to say

This new version has been built with an emphasis on unique destination content and will include the following updates:

Use of the new multiple product search box

Its own cascading style sheets. On our current page the look and feel is controlled by the hotel CSS which is added to the hotel (default) header. With this new page, we will no longer be supporting CSS in the header.

Hotel destinations are randomly selected based on a combination of popularity, availability and price and are dynamically updated every four hours. This provides for unique destinations and hotels to allow your customer choice when shopping on your site.
The destinations and hotels on the Travel Portal will have a 4-hour lifespan. When the time expires, the system repeats the steps above updating the destinations and hotels
This process provides for unique destinations and hotels (within the set of rules above).

Hotel listings will include star rating

Hotel destinations will include a link to the hotel merchandising page

And here is a screenshot if you are familiar with how the old one looked.

World Choice Travel Portal Page

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