Typographic History

What's next in typography? HFJ reveals some very interesting info in one of their recently released talks by AIGA. Even though this talk was given in 2007 it is still very interesting to listen to if you want to know more about typography and how it affects us.

You can download the audio in MP3 format directly from AIGA here.

Most of the talks that we've given are lost to the sands of time, but this afternoon I was happy to discover that one of our favorite presentations lives on. For the AIGA Design Conference in Denver, we were asked to meditate on the topic of “What’s Next,” for which we presented a study of typographic history — and why the ‘historical revival’ might be a twentieth century idea whose time has passed.

The AIGA has posted the audio of our talk, which tracks with the images above; it runs about 45 minutes, including some questions from the audience, in which Tobias reveals some of the unpublished developmental names of Gotham. Also keep an ear out for two provocative concepts: a French wine scholar offers a pithy gloss on experimentalism, and a certain type designer defines “the underpants-on-the-head school of revivalism.”

If you find this interesting you can find a few more talks here

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