I've fixed the issue with the comments here.  I used to get lots of comments and then they just died out and I figured it was the CDN I started using and the caching of pages… and well I was wrong.

The issue was with a WordPress plugin I was using… Hide My WP.  If you tried commenting over the last several months you'd get an error “please fill the required fields (name, email) after you submitted a comment.  I'm sure that frustrated a lot of you and luckily I found the culprit.  I've deactivated the plugin and now comments work fine.

If you have issues with comments, see the same error and are using Hide My WP try deactivating it.  If you are not using Hide My WP and get that error try deactivating each of your plugins one at a time until comments work.

It helps if you have more than one browser software installed, so you can switch back and forth.  I normally use Chrome to administer WordPress… so what I did was open Firefox and try and comment on my own blog to see what was going on.  Then while logged into my blog on Chrome, deactivated Hide My WP and could then comment again.

Anyway, comments are fixed.  Sorry for any frustration.  You can comment or email like usual now!  Thanks!

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