Are there too many Showcase sites on the web now that are powered by WordPress?  Some people think so, but why just let a few people have all the fun right?!  Start your own showcase website and start building a content filled website that is centered around a smaller niche… something you like.  Or you can use these type of themes to showcase anything… a wedding, a photo shoot, a school project, a car show. Pretty much anything you can think of.

Well if you're looking to start a showcase site powered by wordpress then here are a few WordPress showcase themes you can use.  I've scoured the web looking for these. I don't believe any others exist.. if I'm wrong please post a link in the comment field.  Thanks!  More info at the end.

(This post is old and some of the themes are no longer available.  Until I can update this post I've removed all the broken links.)

Expose WP Theme

Expose is the newest theme from Kriesi on Themeforest and it came just at the right time because there really aren't that many showcase styled themes on the internet right now.  This theme is pretty awesome.


Design Showcase is a nice theme also designed by Kriesi on TF.

Gallery Pro - Showcase Theme

Gallery Pro is a very nice theme by UpThemes.. check out the demo.

Showcase Theme
Showcase Theme is a theme with some nice features although I'd probably choose Expose over this one.

This showcase theme below is free but not supported.  It might not work, you'll have to test it on your own.

Snapshot Theme

Why Use a WordPress Showcase Theme?

If you found this post searching for showcase themes then you most likely already have an idea what you want one for.  If not then here's some ideas.

You can start a showcase site with them (think … but you knew that!  Well you can showcase anything with these such as products, photos or even for your portfolio.

If you're interested in using these showcase themes to make money then check out my free report.  I go over how to use showcase themes to make money from sites like Themeforest.

Oh… and sometimes when you're first searching for these themes you might think oh this is a wordpress gallery theme, but really they are showcase themes.  I'll be posting a collection of wordpress gallery themes here in a few and you can see the difference.

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