Auction Ads look like shit!Are you tired of being paid per click from your adsense ads? It seems too simple to just place targeted adsense ads and direct people away from you site for pennies, maybe nickels in return. Isn't it better to display seemingly untargeted product ads that require a user to click, sign up and fulfill an action like winning an eBay auction? It's a far better idea right? Not!

I'm not sure if it's just the market reach Shoemoney already has with his blog but he's been pushing Auction Ads like crazy. Just earlier today I received an email from John Reese promoting Auction Ads even further with his company John calls Auction Ads “The Next Google Adsense”. He is offering people who sign up (through his affiliate link I presume) $5 free. This first made me think, why is John Reese of all people promoting Auction Ads? At first I thought, maybe Shoemoney paid him 20k, but then I realized John is probably marketing through his affiliate link in hopes to gather a hefty amount of people under him because Auction Ads works on a 2 tier system. Anyone you refer will be placed under you and so on. My surprise is that he has that much faith in auction ads that he is giving away $5 free to everyone who signs up.

Now Shoemoney has a great reason for setting up Auction Ads,, he wants to be eBay's #1 affiliate. Everyone that signs up for Auction Ads is essentially under him so he makes even more by you signing up. It's a great idea but what about the service? What are you exactly getting by signing up for Auction Ads? Well, Auction Ads can offer you a higher percentage from each sale because I believe essentially you are promoting eBay through Shoemoney's affiliate link, ie. you refer a sign up and because your using his ID then you're able to receive his commission because he is already in some of the top tiers if not the highest already. Right now they are offering you 100% of the commission but later down the road say 6 months as mentioned on a broadcast of Rush Hour on webmaster radio Shoe will begin collecting %'s of each of your referrals. A brokers free is fine since they are making it easier for you to make money. How much money I don't know but the ads don't impress me one bit.

After visiting Shoe's blog and surfing through to one of the blogs he reads I actually found someone promoting eBay auctions via Auction Ads. I took the screenshot to your left so you can see just in case he changes his site (or takes them down cause he isn't making any money). They look absolutely horrible in my opinion. What's with the resized (misshaped) images? What readers of would see those ads, click on them and win an ebay auction? To me his blog isn't the right place for those types of ads. They are better off on a crappy price comparison site, or MFA. I know you can customize the colors of your Auction Ads like you can adsense but I'm not sure about the photos. Those images being resized like that kills me. They look bad.

So did you sign up yet? Are you going to clutter up your site even more with ugly auction listings? I don't think I'll be signing up.

This is a “Free” unpaid review of Auction Ads!

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