AuctionAds I gave AuctionAds a bad review earlier and I'd like to update a bit .  Is it AuctionAds or Auction Ads anyway?  Anywho, I gave Auction Ads a semi bad review but as I've thought about it more I've changed my mind, in some ways.  I still think the compressed images of Auctions Ads ads look horrible.  That hasn't changed.

As a designer I judge a lot of things solely on their looks but I want to give Auction Ads a fair review… and give it a bit of testing before I toss it totally.

Here's how I'm  testing it further.  I'm selling a site via eBay.  I have some newsletter subscribers on the directory I'm selling and I get visitors to the site.  So instead of linking directly to eBay, or the auctions I'm running I link to it via Auction Ads convert URL method which allows you to link to any page on eBay.  I send out an email letting everyone know the site is for sale on eBay via the cloaked Auction Ads link.  Ok,, so I've gotten some clicks so far but what I want to happen is someone to find my site or link, sign up for eBay, win the site for millions and I'll get a nice fat commission check from Auction Ads…

Still in testing of course but this lead to a lot of other ideas about sellers on eBay who have websites or newsletters that they can promote their auctions on.

With the eBay URL Converter feature of Auction Ads you can literally link to any page on eBay and turn it into an affiliate link.  Run a fan site on Corvettes? or how about fancy China, or high-end electronics site?  Do you have a newsletter?  Why not link to eBay auctions with affiliate links?  If you do or want to start promoting stuff for sale on eBay why not do it through Auction Ads?  It can't hurt to try.  You can even hide Auction Ads links like you do any other affiliate links.

What about PPC marketing.  You could definetely advertise auctions via adwords, adcenter or YPN also in hopes of big commission checks.  I haven't tested that out yet.

I'll get back to you after the auction is over to see if my idea paid off.  Even though someone might not sign up to win a semi expensive site via the affiliate links, I need to test this method out before totally shunning Auction Ads.  I think Jeremy would appreciate that.  Who knows…

Want to run some of your own tests with your newsletter subscribers?  Make sure you promoting something you know about on eBay and go sign up at Auction Ads.

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