With a professionally designed website you can generate leads 24 hours a day, even in your sleep.

It’s no wonder more and more agents are turning to the web to generate qualified leads. Because of the current market slump agents are spending less money on newspaper classified ads. Agents and brokers are now realizing that their ad dollars pay off more when they invest in their own websites. Investing in their own websites they own and control makes more sense.

If you plan on being in business in the next 5 – 10 years now is the time to get a website.

It’s getting harder and harder to obtain top rankings on search engines like Google. Being on the first page of any search engine when someone searches for keywords related to your business is not a random occurrence. Google and the other major search engines like Yahoo and MSN have complicated algorithms that determine who is on that first page when you search. Do you want to know what one of the factors they use to determine who should rank where?

It’s how old a website is.

That means sites that have been online longer take precedence over newer sites. It’s a fact. That means if you are not already online you are losing precious leads to those who are. A websites age is only one of a hundred or more factors that play a role in where a website ranks however. It takes more than just being online or having an older website then your competitors.

Just having a website is no longer enough.

Many businesses offering website design to agents are offering inferior, quick DIY websites that are built from templates. So your website looks like a lot of other agents websites and are built around outdated technology that makes your website immediately less favorably to the major search engines. There are several reasons for this.

They simply can’t see your content.

Online content is king and many DIY sites and even expensive website designs are designed using a technology called “Frames” which means your content is separated from the main site which makes your content basically invisible to search engines. See my post Real Estate Websites with No Frames for more info. Your content, the text on your website is a huge factor in how search engines know what your website is even about.

It’s better to be unique.

A majority of real estate website design agencies offer cheap alternatives so you can start building your website immediately online. They offer template based designs that even though might look enticing have a negative drawback – they are cookie cutter designs. The search engines can tell who is unique by what is commonly referred to as a “foot print” which a site leaves. Websites based on templates have a foot print you don’t want to have. Unique is better if you ever want to rank for your keywords and generate leads.

You have less control over your website.

When you choose a company who offers inexpensive website alternatives you are giving up your freedom to control many things you should have control over. Sure, you might be able to update colors, text and even images but there are a lot of things that you cannot control that are important to your websites rankings. Things like Meta tags, page titles, site structure and more. All which play a big role in where your website ranks in search engines.

This is where I can help you.

I can design your website so that it is unique, fully editable and found by search engines – a site that will continue to bring you qualified leads for years to come.

When you have me design your website you will receive the highest quality design — one that meets current web standards and is completely accessible by searchers searching Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Even though your website will be editable we offer complete maintenance programs to boot, just in case your not comfortable editing your own site.

And I don’t stop there.

I offer complete search engine placement services so that you rank for the keywords you need to be found under. After your website is designed I put into effect techniques for gaining top positions for your website.

This includes content creation, link building, article marketing, press release writing and more. It is a complicated process which I have mastered over the last 10 years.

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