So I just got word that finally the new Xbox GUI is here… Downloading it took less than 2 minutes.  And it included an awesome 3D animated intro.  I'm sure someone will post it on youtube soon.  At first glance it's pretty exciting if you're an Xbox fan. The new interface is pretty slick.  I of course can't live with my Xbox as I stream all my media to it in my living room.

New Xbox Live Experience Screenshot

New Xbox Live Experience Screenshot

So this is from Microsoft….It's time to connect to your Xbox LIVE.

Start downloading the New Xbox® Experience to your Xbox 360® and enter the new era in social entertainment. You'll have access to not only the best games, but also the best movies and TV shows in high definition. Every experience will be a shared adventure with your friends and family, in the same room or around the world. It's an exciting world of online entertainment, so jump in and have fun!

Don't miss out on anything:

• Explore the easy-to-use New Xbox Experience interface. It's designed to help you find your favorite gaming and entertainment content. For instance, you can now browse the Marketplace alphabetically to find what you want quickly.

• Stream movies from Netflix® instantly on your Xbox 360 console. You'll have more than 12,000 movies and TV shows at your fingertips, including high definition shows.

Download Games & Movies

Download Games & Movies

• Select an avatar and start customizing from your nose to your toes (or at least your shoes). There's a ton of options, from your standard body features to 200 clothing and accessory items. And you can keep your own gamer pic and themes.

Choose an Xbox Avatar

Choose an Xbox Avatar

• Start an Xbox LIVE Party with up to seven of your friends. Voice chat while you play games, share photos, and comment in real-time. Jump in and out of games and other activities as a group while staying connected. It's all one shared New Xbox Experience.

Everyone now has a custom avatar you can set up as soon as you download the update.  To check out mine add me as a friend won't you?  My screen name is “awesome show”.  Maybe we can battle on GTA4 or the new Call of Duty “World at War”?

Customize Your Xbox Avatar In A Million Ways

New for Xbox and this holiday season:

In the Spotlight This Holiday
While Xbox 360 has evolved into a world-class entertainment device, it remains the best place to play. In concert with the launch of the New Xbox Experience, two entertainment heavyweights step into the spotlight, ready to wow audiences across the world. Today is the launch of Lips and You're in the Movies, two games that promise to get you on your feet and performing like a star.

  • Lips is an all new music franchise exclusively for Xbox 360. Lips is the only singing game that offers wireless, motion-sensitive microphones and the ability to sing to a diverse list of included songs representing multiple musical genres, ranging from pop, rock and dance to hip-hop, country and R&B, as well as compatible songs from your music collection. (Hmmmm, are your songs Lips compatible?)
  • You're in the Movies brings out the movie star in everyone this holiday season with its release exclusively on Xbox 360 November 18. It's the first and only game of its kind that transports players into a magical world of cinema and hilarious improvisations. Using the Xbox LIVE Vision camera, friends and families choose a script, act it out and in minutes watch the often hilarious, always entertaining results.

All sounds pretty interesting… Read more about it here.

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